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In married life, if  you follow some rules then the relation will always give you a sweet essence. Here are some of these rules…


1. Make your partner Believe in you


If you want your partner will share with you everything include his or her bed secrets then winning his/her confidence is the key. Through that you can make your bed experience much more ravishing.



2. Understand Clues

Some of the people don’t talk intimacy directly instead they tried to tell these things through clues so it is important that you should understand those clues for better tuning on every front.


3. Keep your Gadgets aside


During night when you are on bed with your partner do not use phone or any other distracting device as it may spoil mood of your partner. Try to take full interest in your partner.


4. Talk and Share after Sex


Just after sex the bonding of the relationship is strongest so this is the right time to talk and share hidden things with your partner. Many research concluded that those couples who talks at that moment will be more satisfied and complete.


5. Help each other

Try to help each other in one another work like share kitchen work. Listening music of one another choice or watching your partner’s favorite film with interest also develop sense of respect between both of you.


6. Speak Good words 

Talk about your experience of sex and try to use good words at that time. As both of the partners feels a little nervous during whole time of sex so three or four good words make next attempt much better.