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Game of Thrones is no doubt the most popular TV Series of current time but wait it is not top rated series of all time. No no you guess wrong again Breaking Bad too has not earn that tag too then who got that prestigious place find out by scrolling down……


5. The Wire


The Wire is Crime Drama based on the Drug scene of Baltimore. Where makers tried to showcase the drugs from the POV of Gangsters and Law Enforcement agencies both. 


4. Game of Thrones


While a civil war brews in between several noble families of Westeros, the children of former rulers attempt to rise up to power. But no one is aware about a forgotten race, bent on destruction, is planning to return after thousands of years.


3. Breaking Bad


A chemistry teacher diagnosed with inoperable cancer turns to manufacturing and dealing drugs in order to secure his family’s coming financial future after him.


2. Planet Earth


Emmy Award winning, 11 episodes, 5 years in the making and the most expensive nature documentary series from BBC, and the first to be filmed in the high definition truly deserve this spot.


1. Band of Brothers


From the creative mind of Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg it tells the story of Easy Company of the US Army and their mission in the WWII Europe from Operation Overlord through the V-J Day.