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A microwave cooks food with an oscillating Electromagnetic Energy that are quite similar to radio waves but it move back and forth at a greater speed. Where normal oven’s heat slowly penetrates through the food, microwave oven heat fast and reaches molecules around an inch below the surface of food. Microwaves every-time produces non-ionizing radiation and some of the studies show that this can affect changes in blood and heart rate along with the microwaved food causing type of intestine and stomach cancer. Some of the items you are better off never put in Oven based on Microwave are listed below.


1. Breast Milk

The biggest benefit of giving a newborn breast milk is being able to introduce baby to the powerful bacteria fighting agents that are contained within this milk. The Journal of Pediatrics conduct tests on total 22 samples of the frozen breast milk heated in microwave on both low and high heat and found that the breast milk heated on the high heat showed greater E-coli growth that is 18 times higher than the milk heated without microwave. Whereas the samples microwaved at the lower temperatures decrease isozyme activity as well as it promoted the growth of some harmful bacteria for babies.


2. Broccoli


As we all know, any form of cooking destroy some nutrients in the food. Steaming is most gentle and but still it causes a loss of about 11% antioxidant content of the broccoli. On the other hand cooking broccoli in microwave with some of the water lost about 97%  beneficial antioxidants from it.


3. Frozen Fruits


Fruit immediately starts losing its nutrients the moment it is picked. That’s why frozen fruit have a higher nutrient profile than the local organic produce have spent more than a week in the storage and transit. Russian studies revealed that the defrosting frozen fruit in microwave ended up on converting the beneficial glucoside and galactaside into the carcinogenic substances, their studies also showed Immunological effects of microwaves.


4. Defrosted Meat


Japanese researches found that the defrost meats cooked longer than 5-6 minutes in a microwave lost half of its vitamin B-12 content. Even pushing meat from 40 to 140 Fahrenheit leads to the growth of bacteria abruptly. The best tip is to let it defrost in fridge overnight or thaw under it cold, running water.


5. Dishes covered under plastic wrap or plastic container

Not to microwave anything with any form of the plastic around it. When you heat foods covered in the plastic you can create carcinogens. Heating these wraps can release harmful toxic chemicals into your foods.