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In highly professional world all the faces you encountered with are like smile on face and each one of them show great gratitude towards you but how will you know which one is plastic smile as it is important to distinguish fake people with genuine ones around you for every aspects of life. So here are the 8 logical diffrences between them.


1. Behaviour


Geniune peoples respect each and every person coming around whereas fake people give respect to only those who are in power or in other simple words fake people talks badly with peoples who are coming from lower levels.


2. Possession 

Geniune person will never try to take control over you on the other hand Fake peoples wants to know each and every aspect of your life just to take your ownership. And he did all this in quite polite manner.


3. Attention


Fake peoples are attention seekers they wants to be the highlight of each and every move of nearby circle but genuine peoples are directed towards their work and perfection not attention.


4. Show-off

Be aware with the peoples who are unnecessarily show off their status on every topic as they are maskman in polite attire whereas geniune peoples never brag.


5. Stand 

Fake personalities believe in gossips behind the back but in front of you they talk sweet. Geniunepeoples take stand and show their strong opinion on every topic.


6. Commitment

Real person always keep up their promises and work hard to live upto his commitment but for fake guys promise and commitment are just words.


7. Admire 


Admiring is the virtue of Gentleman so folling this old saying means Fake people never admire even they find fault and criticize whereas Real person admire and share accolades.


8. Helpful and Nice

Fake peoples do help only when they have hidden agendas but real peoples are helpful and nice in each and every condition.