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Sexual Fantasies are as normal as Sex because it gives a kind of strength in relationship during make out time. Number of studies revealed that the men have more fantasies and stronger desire to turn their fantasies into the reality than women. In studies, Men also described some of their fantasies more vividly than the women. Ten of these are….


1. More men than that of the women fantasize about having sex with the people they are not in any kind of relationship with.



2. About 62 percent women has rape fantasies but the rapist should be desirable, attractive and are able to make her orgasm.



3. Those Women who have rape fantasies also dream about overpowering a man to have sex against his will.



4. If we take out the case of Interracial sex than more men admit that he fantasize about sex with other race than that of the women. 



5. More women than men dream about involving with more than three partners – include both genders whereas in male fantasy is all other partners should have to be female.



6. In studies one in five women accept that one of their top fantasy is to have sex with colleague, neighbor or  superior.


7. Both sexes think about having sex with complete stranger, indicating that the risk and unpredictable thrill are important to both sexes.



8. Settings are more important for women than men as they want to have sex in certain locations of their desire but men is less prone to that thing.



9. Both sexes have fantasies about the group sex. Most of the men admitted to wanting a more active participation during the group sex.



10. Men fantasize about watching their partners to have sex with other people. But women do not fantasize about it even they cant tolerate that their partner is indulge with anyone else.